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The Hearing Center of Lake Charles Expands Tinnitus Therapy in Lake Charles, LA

“Considering that tinnitus is such a widespread problem in the United States and in Lake Charles, LA in particular, the Audiologists at The Hearing Center of Lake Charles are regularly looking into new treatment procedures. Due to the fact that many of these treatment options are fairly new, people who’ve lived with tinnitus for many years are often unaware that new therapies have been introduced.”

10 Ways to Become an Advocate for Hearing Health

If you currently wear hearing aids, you’ve already beat the odds. In the United States, approximately 48 million people have hearing loss, of which 28.8 million could benefit from utilizing hearing aids. However, of those age 70 and older, only 30 percent of those who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them. For those age 20 to 69, it’s merely 16 percent. That’s millions of Americans that are losing out on the advantages of improved hearing—advantages you understand first-hand if you use hearing aids yourself or know someone who does. So what can you do to raise awareness about the positive effects of hearing aids and the improvements to the quality of life they offer? Below are 10 ways to become a hearing health advocate.

What Kinds of Support Might You Not Be Hearing

Is your hearing loss leaving you feeling just a little less than? Less than intelligent, perhaps, because you must fight to stay involved in every conversation. How about a little alone? It probably seems like your friends and family are avoiding you. Maybe hearing loss has left you devoid of energy. Just the effort to hear and comprehend every sound is exhausting.

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