An Introduction to the Newest Bluetooth - Enabled Digital Hearing Aids

A large number of new types of hearing aids include Bluetooth technology: perhaps yours already has it. While Bluetooth was originally developed for use with cell phones, its uses have expanded to include computers, home phones and televisions. Digital hearing aids containing Bluetooth provide brand new ways to use and manage these devices, making them more convenient and flexible, and offering you a superior listening experience.

If your hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, its likely that it arrived with a tiny external device that allows you to gain access to its functions. The controls are usually worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. The controller is used to wirelessly receive sounds from Bluetooth enabled devices and transmit them to your hearing aid. That implies no more having to raise the volume on your TV, phone or other Bluetooth-compatible devices, since you can have the sound signals sent directly to your hearing aids. You’ll have the ability to hear your mobile phone conversations in both ears instead of just one, further improving your ability to hear.

Bluetooth controllers are made to be easy to use. If you wish to connect your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a TV, for instance), it’s usually as simple as pressing a button. Talking on a mobile phone or listening to an audio player that uses Bluetooth is equally as simple – just push a button to connect and press it again to disconnect. Your hearing aid manufacturer may have incorporated other functions with this device, making it easy to use other benefits with one controller.

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids can be particularly helpful for older people with mobility difficulties. Recent models make it possible to connect to devices that are up to thirty feet away, which means that you can use the phone without having to stand up from a chair. In an emergency situation, this feature could be lifesaving.

Choosing to purchase a hearing aid with Bluetooth functionality allows you to enjoy a clear, crisp listening experience that is difficult to achieve through any other means. This easy to use technology solution can drastically improve your ability to hear, allowing you to appreciate encounters that may have once been unrealistic.

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