Foods that can Prevent Hearing Loss – and Hearing Aids

Everyone knows that hearing health declines as we get on in years, making us more susceptible to hearing damage over time. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Did you know that the foods you consume can actually help you curb this chance of hearing loss? By eating healthy foods such as fruits and veggies, you not only keep your whole body working right, you also protect your ears. Doctors have been saying for years that healthy food choices affect our hearing, so why not start eating better and doing what you can to improve it? In this article, we examine great foods to eat that have a direct impact on hearing health.

Go Bananas

Not only do bananas taste great on your morning cereal, they also offer a whole host of health benefits – not just to your waistline but also to your ears. The magnesium inherent in bananas can help curb hearing damage brought on by loud noises, for example, so go ahead and peel a banana today for a nutritious snack.

Citrus Fruits: Lemon and Orange

For hearing damage prevention due to ear infections, citrus fruits are the way to go. Well documented for their healing properties as far as the common cold, fruits that contain vitamins C and E, such as oranges and lemons, can prevent hearing loss by keeping damaging ear infections at bay. Untreated infections can incur hearing damage in chronic form, so be sure to incorporate lots of citrus snacks into your diet.

Sweet Snacks

Eating dark chocolate not only feels indulgent but you’re doing a great benefit to your ears.  Because dark chocolate contains large amounts of zinc, you’re getting the healing properties of this vitamin as well as other important antioxidants to improve your hearing health. Another way to get zinc in your diet is to take a daily supplement with zinc in it. However, dark chocolate makes for a sinful treat at the end of the day that’s also contributing to your health.

Veggie Power

Getting enough veggies, particularly broccoli, can improve your overall health as well as the health of your ears. How so? Veggies are filled with many important vitamins and minerals that fight off free radicals that lead to long-term tissue damage as you get older. That’s why it’s important to keep vegetables a crucial part of your diet each day. Plus, your hair and skin will get healthier too, leading to that youthful glow.

Salmon and Similar Fish

Thinking about having a fish dinner tonight? You should! Fish, and salmon in particular, contains high levels of helpful omega-3 fatty acids that are an essential nutritional element to your hearing health. That’s because they help with the improvement of blood flow throughout your entire body and ears in particular. Fatty acids are best for establishing strong blood flow, an optimum component of healthy hearing. Prevent hearing damage as you get older by eating fish.

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