Hearing Aids and the Holidays

Even though it may feel like summer was just yesterday, the holiday season is here again. As you prepare for a month of parties, family get-togethers or a trip to the Lake Charles Holiday Market Extravaganza you may be feeling a mixture of excitement and tension.

If you have hearing loss you may be concerned that it will interfere with your ability to fully enjoy yourself this holiday season. However, there are ways to prepare and adjustments you can make that will allow you to enjoy your holidays without worrying about your hearing.

Hearing Aids Help You Connect to Loved Ones

Using hearing aids is associated with stronger relationships and higher levels of confidence in social situations. The holidays are full of dinners, parties and special events with friends and loved ones. Research shows that 70% of patients with hearing loss reported improved communication after they started using hearing aids.

If you have been on the fence about getting hearing aids now might be the perfect time to make an appointment and get your hearing checked out. Your audiologist will perform a series of hearing tests to determine your level of hearing loss. They will be with you all the way from hearing aid selection to fitting and adjustments, as well as counseling about what you can expect from your hearing aids.

If you already use hearing aids, make sure you are following a proper maintenance routine and keeping your audiologist apprised of any changes to your hearing. This will keep them performing their best this holiday season.

It’s also important that you bring your hearing aids with you to any events or if you travel for the holidays. Make sure you also have batteries, charging stations or whatever other accessories you need to hear your best.

Other Holiday Hearing Tips

  • Communicate your hearing needs. Your family and friends will want you to enjoy the celebrations as much as you can. If they can make it easier for you by looking directly at you while you speak or repeating themselves if you didn’t hear the first time it’s important to let them know.
  • Find quiet places. If the music is too loud in one room or the kitchen is bustling with noise, head to a quieter room of the house with one person you’d really like to talk to and enjoy your conversation there.
  • Make mealtime more accessible. Big holiday meals are often a time of lots of noise and conversation. If possible, try to have a circular arrangement at the table as that makes it easier to listen. You can also have your partner or close friend sit next to you to help catch you up on anything you might have missed.
  • Be gentle with yourself. If you find yourself feeling tired or overwhelmed, that’s perfectly normal. Take some time to yourself, if possible. Try to embrace the silence and take it as an opportunity to recharge.

For more information on hearing aids or to schedule an appointment with a hearing aid expert, call The Hearing Center of Lake Charles today.

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