Leading Hearing Aids for Children: Audiologists’ Recommendations

It’s an unfortunate fact that many young children experience hearing loss, but with the right style of hearing aid this doesn’t need to slow them down. However, the large amount of hearing aid models and benefits available can make choosing the best one challenging for many parents. Continue reading for additional information on the kinds of hearing aids best suited to assist young listeners.

The two major styles of hearing aids that effectively work for children: In-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE). Children, constantly growing and developing, must regularly have their hearing aids adjusted. ITE and BTE aids conveniently lend themselves to frequent adjustment, making them most suitable to use in kids. As their name suggests, ITE hearing aids are fitted to a child’s outer ear. These hearing aids can add additional technologies, like telecoil. BTE hearing aids are more identifiable due to their plastic case that sits behind the ear. A plastic earmold delivers sound to the child’s ear and is also attached to the case by a tiny piece of tubing. Mild to severe hearing issues are treated by both kinds of equipment.

Various other medical problems in addition to hearing loss can have an effect on whether or not a specific style of hearing aid is most effective for a child. Children with deformed ears may find behind-the-earhearing aids challenging to use. Children with shallower ear canals may not have the required room to allow for an in-the-ear device. An abnormal build-up of ear wax can hinder hearing aid function, particularly for devices that rest in the ear.

A hearing specialist consult is critical to get the best hearing aid for your child. He or she will lead you through your choices and make recommendations based on your child’s unique condition. Your professional can also provide coaching on what your part is in maximizing your child’s hearing. If your child is not old enough to adjust hearing aids on his or her own, it may be your responsibility to make certain they are comfortable.

Although it may seem too much to handle initially, research and meeting with an expert will help you better understand the ideal hearing aid selections for your child.

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